Monday, March 6

On vocals and guitar.....Funky T

The only single one in the bunch...AKA...Tommy Martin, the funkyest white boy in town, with The Heaters since 1996. At his best doin' James Brown, he covers many popular rock-rythem & blues tunes. Did I mention he's single ladies? And the only one who boasts about wearing an Orange Jump Suit on tour in the good ole days. (ok...try not to picture it) Fellas, next time your at a gig ask him to recall some stories from his touring days... Ladies, see if you can arrange a ride on the back of his Harley (though I've never been there) I hear he gives a good ride!!

Tonight! and every night! on the bass....Michael Furman

Holdin' down The Heaters bottom end since the begining (I think) or damn close to it. A man of many basses (or is it faces?) a Tobias 5 string, is one of his favs. (pictured right a Pedulla 5.) Found himself on a stage at 16 (then playing Trumpet) and he's been there ever since. Did I mention his big rig?? Be sure and ask for a close incounter!!

Dave Laurey ....on Sax

After many years of being 5 piece The Heaters are movin on up....(to the a delux appartment in the....oh) to 6 piece. Dave has played with lots of talented musical groups through the years and now he's ours!! For a complete bio of "Super Dave" stop by a gig...get him a nice glass of Zinfendel.....and he'll tell you the whole story!
Better get a drink for your could take a while!

Sunday, March 5

The back bone of The Heaters himself.....Bela Schuch!

The one who keeps this band working. Scheduling rehersal, booking gigs, loading, unloading and loading the van again, setting it up, breaking it down, printing the song lists, keeping track of finances, keeping Coors Light in business......oh and plays the drum.....